essence the gel nail polish 11 - 4 ever young

I received the essence the gel nail polish in the shade 11 - 4 ever young (who doesn't want to stay forever young?) as a magazine freebie, which was one of the birthday freebies I got this year. It is a very beautiful fuchsia-red color, which can look red or more bright pink depending on the lighting. It is a very flattering and feminine color.

I think it looks a bit similar to the Sally Hansen Miracle gel nail polish 220 - Pink Tank. Coincidentally, they are both nail polishes that promises a gel nail effect. I can say that the essence the gel nail polish does have an amazingly glossy finish, which looks similar to gel nails. However, it doesn't make the nails harder. It's also not super long-lasting, as it lasted about 4-5 days without chipping.

It has a wide, one-stroke brush and the nail polish also totally covers the nail with only one layer. It doesn't have a bad scent and although the nail polish is a bit runny, I was still able to apply it on my nails quite neatly. It was easy to remove and you only need to apply a base coat of your own and this nail polish (2 simple steps). No need for lamps or applying another glossy coat on top.

I think it is a great budget gel nail polish which does its job quite well, if you look past the minor flaws of a slightly runny consistency and lasting only for the weekdays (about 4-5 days). This isn't that bad as it gives you the opportunity to plan a relaxing nail polish session in the weekends.

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