Masterclass: steaming rice noodle rolls and peanut sauce

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I had a masterclass in making steamed rice noodle rolls and the accompanying sauces that is part of the Hong Kong style dish, rice noodle rolls (豬腸粉, pronounced as: chu cheong fun). It was great, as I was craving for some, since I didn't get to eat it during my last visit to Hong Kong. I used to be able to buy this at a street cart on almost every street corner, but they seem to be nowhere to be found now. Luckily, I have learned how to make them myself. I can eat it whenever I want now. Just have to not be lazy and get the ingredients at the local Asian supermarket. 

If you are interested, you can watch the masterclass in the video underneath. The masterclass was taught by chef Tim Kan and it was held at the Wah Nam Hong restaurant, located in the Markthal, Rotterdam. I didn't get the recipe for the rice noodle batter, but the ingredients for the peanut sauce can be found in the video. Unfortunately, it is only spoken in Dutch, but if there is a demand for it, I can try to find time to add English subtitles.

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