Ice cream at Doppio ijssalon Kralingen

The Lusthofstraat in Kralingen, Rotterdam, has changed a lot in the recent years. There used to be mainly small shops in this shopping street, but you can now find an Albert Heijn supermarket, an Aldi supermarket, a Wibra discount store, a Kruidvat beauty and health care store, a HEMA shop, and a Blokker household goods store there. Around the corner of all this, I also discovered an ice cream parlor, called Doppio ijssalon Kralingen.

I heard that they learned their craft at De ijssalon, which is one of my favorite ice cream parlors in Rotterdam, so I had high expectations. I went there with someone else and we both paid €2.60 for two scoops. We also shared half of the scoops, so we both got to try four flavors. 

Ice cream at Doppio ijssalon Kralingen mango blueberry

What do I think?

It has a beautiful warm yellow color. The mango flavor is mild and not too sweet. It also doesn't have the bitter aftertaste that I often have with mango juice. It actually reminds me a bit of the dried mango snacks from Hong Kong that I get a lot as souvenirs.

It has a beautiful dark pink color with dark bits of real blueberry skin. You can taste the bits of blueberry skin in every bite you take and it tastes really natural. It is slightly sour, but you can still taste a hint of sweet blueberry flavor.

Passion fruit
It has a pale yellow color, which almost looks white. You can taste a slight sour passion fruit flavor, which is not too sweet. I find it a bit too one dimensional on its own, as it tasted much better mixed with the mango ice cream. Kind of like the Taksi drink that I used to drink a lot as a kid.

Cherry mania
It is a milky ice cream with swirls of cherry syrup and crunchy bits of dark chocolate. I like this ice cream flavor the most as it reminds me a bit of the Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. It has a creamy ice cream base, a not too sweet cherry syrup with bits of cherry, and delicious bits of dark chocolate. The different flavors blend well together. I highly recommend this one!

Ice cream at Doppio ijssalon kralingen cherry mania passion fruit

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