Kingsday 2017 nails

On 27 April, it is Kingsday here in the Netherlands and as always, I have created a festive nail art for the occasion. The flag of the Netherlands is red-white-blue and orange is the color of our royal family, so these are also the colors that I have used. The flag looks upside down in the picture, but since I figured most people see my fingers straight more than in the shape of holding something, it was better to draw the flag that way. 

I have used the following nail polishes (from left to right):

- W.I.C. by Herôme - Los Angeles 92*
- Etos nail art striper - white*
- L'Oréal paris color riche - 619 Maui wave
- HEMA long lasting nail polish - 13 (old collection)

I started with 4 thin layers of the HEMA long lasting nail polish 13, which is a light orange jelly nail polish with fine gold shimmers, and patiently waited until each layer was dry. This is very important, as you also add another layer of nail polish for the flag. When the layers aren't dry enough and you stack so many layers on top, it becomes goopy and easy to wipe off or it easily gets finger prints and/or scratches on it.

Afterwards, I applied the three colors (blue, white, and red) one by one. I started with the dark blue color and held the nail polish brush as vertically as I could, while I gently patted the nail polish color on. It is important to brush off as much nail polish from the nail polish brush as possible and apply multiple layers until you get the opaqueness that you want. Next, I used the white Etos striper to draw the white line. The striper brush and stick picks up too much nail polish, so you need to wipe off the stick part and remove the excess on the brush, before you use it on your nails. Otherwise, a large drop of nail polish would suddenly fall right on your nails and ruin your nail art. I finished with the red color, which I could easily brush on the tip. As the final touch, I used my favorite the Face Shop top coat to glossen it up and smooth the nail polish out.

The flag doesn't look very neat, but I have started to appreciate the imperfections of life. Sometimes, my perfectionism made me very tired and never satisfied. As I grew older, I have learned to just let things be. You don't have to fix everything, until it is 100%. When things are good enough, you can let it go and move on with the next thing. Don't get too caught up in it. Why so serious?  

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