River Island sale: another two pairs of sandals

After buying two pairs of black sandals at Sacha, I thought I would have enough sandals for a while, as they are really versatile and it barely gets hot here in the Netherlands. But when I saw these sandals for sale at the River Island store in Rotterdam city center, I just had to buy them.  

River Island sale black sandals gold belt buckles beige multicolor gems

Left: A pair of black River Island sandals with gold belt buckles. The black straps have a soft velvety texture and the four gold belt buckles are adjustable, which made it possible for the sandals to fit my feet like a glove. Although it has a slight heel, walking on them was pretty comfortable. But it is not really suitable for long walks. I bought a size 7/40, as it runs small. Before it was €40, now €18.    

Right: A pair of beige River Island sandals with a lot of bling bling, multicolor gems. I think this is the flashiest pair of shoes that I own, besides the really glittery gold-brown sandals from melissa. Just like the previous pair of sandals, it is adjustable to your feet - this time with the leather laces instead of belt buckles - and you can easily take the sandals off with the zipper at the back. The only problems that I have encountered are that the laces gets untied often and the soles aren't soft enough. I am thinking of getting some jelly soles to make them more comfortable, as they are too pretty to only keep in my shoe cabinet. I bought a size 6/39 and it is only a bit too long at the front part. The laces are also a bit too short, but for the rest, it is great. Before it was €55, now €26.   

River Island beige sandals multicolor gems

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