How to make the perfect T-bone steak (+YouTube video tutorial)

Yesterday, I taught you how to make the spicy pumpkin coconut soup as the first course for Valentine's day dinner and today, I will show you how to make the perfect T-bone steak, which is the main course. Personally, I don't really like large chunks of meat on my plate, as my favorite food are Chinese and Japanese food, which often have bite size pieces of meat in their dishes. I also prefer seafood over steak. But if I go survey guys on their favorite food, I think a good piece of steak would be one of their top choices. So, just in case my future bae (or yours) likes steak, I tried to make the perfect T-bone steak. 



- Buy a good T-bone steak at the butcher or supermarket. I found a very affordable T-bone steak at the Aldi supermarket in the freezer section. I think it was about €5. It was just for myself, so I felt no need to splurge. 

-  Let the T-bone steak thaw overnight in the fridge. (not applicable to you, if you bought a fresh piece of steak at the supermarket and not a frozen one like me)

- Use 2 kitchen paper towels to soak up the excess moisture on the steak. The steak has to be dry and at room temperature. So, you might want to take it out of the fridge about 15-20 minutes, before you cook it.

- Put some butter in a frying pan and let the pan get really hot first. With a gas stove, I think it is about medium to high heat. I used an electric stove, so I was able to easily set the temperature manually.

- Season the steak with some black pepper and sea salt in the pan.

- Quickly sear both sides at 180°C. Turn it on the other side and pan-fry it at 150°C for 5 minutes each side. I like my steak well-done, but if you like it more pink, 4 minutes should be okay too. Take another minute off, if you like it more rare.  It is a little bit different than in the YouTube video, but I discovered that this method gives the best results.

- Note: The time may be a bit different, depending on the thickness of the steak. So, if it is larger and thinner, use less time and if it is smaller, but thicker, use a bit more time. I am talking about half or one minute more or less. You don't want to overcook it.   

- Take the steak out of the pan and put it on a plate.  

- If you prefer to eat the steak without any sauce, you should let the steak rest at room temperature for a few minutes, before you eat it.

- You can also pan-fry some cherry tomatoes, potatoes, or mushrooms as side dish with the steak.

If you prefer a sauce with the steak:

- Don't go wash the pan immediately. Use the brown (not too blackened like mine!) residue on the bottom of the pan to create a sauce. Add a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce, 1/3 bowl of water, and a bit of starch water to the pan. After some stirring, cook it until it thickens. Pour the sauce over the steak or put it in a small bowl on the plate, next to the steak. 

T-bone steak from the freezer section of the Aldi supermarket

 This is how the T-bone steak looks like:
 Aldi supermarket freezer section t-bone steak

For meat from the freezer, it is quite delicious. Especially the fatty parts have a good beef flavor, so don't cut that part off. The picture on the bottom right isn't the same t-bone steak as the one in the plastic, but I couldn't find the exact picture on my computer anymore, so I replaced it with a picture of another T-bone steak from the Aldi supermarket that I cooked. I just wanted to show you that even after cooking, the T-bone steak didn't reduce a lot in size.  

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