Topshop: two coats for the price of one!

After getting a dress and a sweater during the Topshop sale, which allowed me to get two sales items for the price of one, I went there again after some time and I spotted a cool coat in the sales rack. It was a black, suede biker jacket with soft leather belts both on the wrists as well as on the waist, and a black furry collar, which extends to the inner lining of the jacket and also shows on the bottom parts. It is something that I have never worn before, but I really liked how it looked on me. It is part of the Topshop Petite line, but it fits my narrow shoulders perfectly and the length of the jacket conveniently stopped, before my wide hips start. After trying to look invisible and unnoticeable all my life (it was hard for someone as strange as me), I have been trying out new styles and looks. I really like it! 

topshop sale suede leather coat leather belts furry collar black
 Original price: €110, discounted to €68

After getting the coat, I needed to find something else, which has a similar price tag, to get the most out of the 1+1 deal. I went through everything in the sales racks, but I still didn't find anything I liked. Suddenly, I noticed a bunch of denim jackets. I really love denim jackets and I have always liked the denim on denim look on guys. It just looks effortlessly cool to me. It reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi, Rock 'n roll, and rebel-without-a-cause James Dean. But it has been hard for me to find a denim jacket that looks good on me. I am kind of curvy and denim jackets usually aren't like a stretchy pair of jeans that hugs your curves nicely. On the rack, the denim jackets looked a bit plain, but when I pulled them out one by one, there was a denim jacket with sparkly stones on the collar and this surprisingly, long denim jacket. It has the shape of a form fitting dress and white teddy fur on the collar and wrists. Unlike the previous coat, the fur doesn't extend to the inside of the coat and is merely there as decoration. I would have never thought of buying something like this, but it hugs my curves perfectly. I am planning to wear this a lot during the breezy spring and during fall, when it isn't cold enough for a winter coat yet.       

topshop denim jacket white teddy fur collar dress shape belt
Original price: €98, discounted to €40

In the end, I bought two coats at the Topshop for only €68, on average €34 each!

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