Breakfast on our first morning in Seoul

Since we arrived in the late afternoon and when we first walked out in the open air, it was already early evening, we haven't seen Seoul by daylight yet. The skies were blue and the temperature was nice (not too cold or too hot), especially compared to the humid and hot temperatures of Hong Kong, from where we came from.   

first morning in seoul near jongno 3-ga metro station

These two street pictures were taken right next to the Jongno 3-ga metro station exit 14, just an escalator away from the underground bread & co. bakery shop.

morning street view in seoul korea

We bought our breakfast at the CU convenience store, located further down the street on the left. We kept it simple with a drink and a Korean onigiri (aka samgak kimbap), which is a triangular rice ball with or without filling and wrapped with a nori seaweed sheet. 

korean banana milk flavors melon and strawberry

At the airport, I already tried the Binggrae banana milk, so I got the melon milk (green) and strawberry milk (pink) for the others to try. For myself, I got café latte with chocolate flavor, as I was still a bit tired and sleepy from all the traveling. The coffee wasn't too sweet and a bit on the bitter side. The coffee flavor was good and you do get a small hint of chocolate. But it was not that amazing that I would repurchase.

Maell café latte chocolate carton

On the left, you can see the onigiri with the always good, tuna mayo filling (900 won) and on the right, something new and more Korean, one with snow crab preserved in soy sauce filling (1,200 won). The onigiri rice was a bit differently seasoned than the Japanese kind, as it was on the blander side, letting the fillings shine more. But both kinds are as delicious and filling.   

korean onigiri samgak kimbap triangular rice ball filling nori sheet tuna mayo snow crab preserved soy sauce

Underneath, you can see a twin packaging of one onigiri made with Jeonju Bibimbap (mixed rice in the way of the city Jeonju) and another one with charcoal barbecue beef filling (1,500 won). 

twin packaged Korean onigiri jeonju bibimbap charcoal barbecue beef

Later in the afternoon, when we rested a bit in our hotel rooms, I couldn't resist getting a banana milk for myself. It is just crazy how good these flavored milks taste. The banana flavor is well balanced between an artificial and a fresh banana flavor. No wonder, kids love this.    

banana milk in hotel room

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