McDonalds Netherlands: Big Mac BLT

It is the Big Mac's 50th anniversary (from 1968) and previously, there were the special Big Mac coins, which you could get with the purchase of a Big Mac value meal and you can use it to trade it for a Big Mac at any McDonalds restaurant worldwide. I missed out on that, but I did manage to get a Big Mac for only €2 (the discount was only valid during the previous two days).

In the Netherlands, there are currently three different types of Big Mac, because of the special anniversary: the Big Mac BLT, the Big Mac Bacon, and the regular Big Mac. The new BLT version of the Big Mac sounded the most special, so I got that one for €2.

McDonalds Big Mac BLT bacon lettuce tomato burger Netherlands

First, I noticed the two large bacon strips, which are peeking out on the top part of the Big Mac. It is very different from the super hard and almost burned bacon strips I had before on the Maestro burgers. The bacon wasn't too salty and it had tender meat with crispy edges. However, the lettuce and tomato weren't fresh enough to leave an impression. They could have been juicier and crispier. The beef patties were a bit disappointing too, as they didn't have a strong grilled beef flavor, and the bread isn't toasted, but that seems to be the norm nowadays. I often get lukewarm, not very flavorful burgers at the McDonalds. It might be, because of the new ordering and pick-up system or I just happen to get the burgers, which have been made for some time already.

I did like the fact that there was Big Mac sauce on the top part, as well as on the bottom part of the burger. Sometimes, I like to pick up the top part of the Big Mac (from the top bun to the middle bun) and eat that first. I leave the best part (the part with the cheese and Big Mac sauce) for last and eat it like a toast with the beef patty openly on top. It was a nice surprise to taste the special Big Mac sauce that I like so much twice.

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