Cold drinks at Starbucks Amsterdam Central Station

Before we headed out to shop at the Uniqlo in the Kalverstraat, we had some cold drinks at the Starbucks cafe at Amsterdam Central Station. It was such a sunny and bright day that we were glad that we chose that day to go. When I got to the counter, I found out that they no longer sell the matcha frappuccino. It is one of my favorite drinks and it is sad to see that I cannot order it anymore.

Starbucks Amsterdam Central Station cold drinks frappuccino mango passion cold brew peach citrus green tea iced cappuccino

But as the famous Dutch soccer player, Johan Cruyff, says: every disadvantage has its benefit. Since I cannot get my all-time favorite, I can try something new. So, we ordered these four - new to us - drinks (from left to right): iced Peach Citrus green tea, Cold brew, Iced cappuccino, and Mango Passion frappuccino. I got the iced cappuccino, as I cannot sleep the night, before a day trip from when I was a child, so I needed a coffee kick to start the day. It was 7 cream to 3 coffee, so I finished it within 4 large sips. It wasn't what I expected, but it was interesting to find icecubes between the cream of your cappuccino. I heard the Mango Passion frappuccino was very fruity and nice. I wish I got that instead.

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