Birthday freebies 2019

I had a lot of fun writing the Birthday freebies 2018 blog, so here is the 2019 edition.

Koekela free birthday slice of cake card candle lemon bar raspberry white chocolate cheese cake

I finally got the free slice of cake of choice at one of my favorite bakeries, Koekela in Rotterdam, on my birthday. It is still valid until March 2019. It was hard to pick one, as everything looked tasty, but I chose the raspberry white chocolate cheesecake. It is the month special of January and I like that it isn't too sweet. There is a slight sourness of the raspberry coulis and a bit tartness from the cheese. I really appreciated the handwritten birthday card and pink birthday candle that was included. While I was there, I also got my all time favorite, lemon bar (about €0.90 per piece).

Hema free birthday tompouce

As a HEMA card member, you get a tompouce pastry for free for your birthday. You now get it in a small festive box. I also bought my birthday cake there, a rectangular chocolate schnitt (€5.50). I didn't really taste the cherry in there, but the chocolate cake was soft and not too dry or too sweet. The dark chocolate curls on top had quite a rich dark chocolate flavor. (Picture underneath)

Dudok black velvet cake HEMA chocolate schnitt

On the left, you can see the slice of black velvet cake that I got for free at patisserie Dudok in Rotterdam with OV miles. It is also supposed to be similar to a black forest cake, but I didn't really taste the cherry again. It is also not as special as the other flavors of velvet cakes that I tried at Dudok.

La Place banana caramel cake tart bread round white fresh herb cheese

At restaurant La place, I picked the caramel banana cake tart to get for free with the birthday voucher in the La Place app. I didn't taste any banana, but it was like a luxurious tart version of the Twix bar. Rich, soft chocolate on top, very sticky and runny caramel in between, and crunchy biscuit on the bottom. As it is very sweet, I also went to get something savoury. I found a plate with a round, white bread and a large piece of fresh herb butter on the side for only €1.50. The thin crust of the bread was crunchy and it was soft and chewy on the inside.

Yves rocher Doré golden tea hand cream Etos nail polish 34 super chique shade

At Yves Rocher, I got to pick between a small miniature bottle of shampoo and the Doré Golden Tea hand cream (75 ml). I happened to like the scent of the hand cream, when I was looking around in the store, so that was a nice surprise.

At Etos, I picked out a nail polish again. It is the no. 34 - Super Chique. It is a very pretty shade of red with a slight dark tone. It stayed very glossy for a week and without any noticeable chipping. It was easy to apply, not feeling heavy on the nails, and removing it was a breeze. The color will be great for upcoming Chinese New Year. I also bought a bottle of Palmolive naturals shower gel - Camelia oil and almond for only €1.

Palmolive naturals shower gel camelia oil and almond the body shop peppermint candy cane berry bon bon frosted plum bunny soap

At the Body Shop, I spend my €5 voucher on the peppermint candy cane and berry bon bon shower gels (€3.50 each) and a cute bunny soap (€1.75) with the lovely frosted plum scent that I previously also got in a shower gel.  I only needed to pay €3.75.

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