Fish & Chips at Manneken Pis Friet Utrecht Central station

After the Clinique iD masterclass, I ended up at Utrecht Central station late Monday afternoon. From shopping at the nearby Hoog Catharijne shopping mall, me and my mom worked up quite an appetite, so we quickly had some fish & chips at the Manneken Pis Friet shop, before we headed back home.

Apparently, the Fish & Chips meal with either kibbeling (fried fish bites) or a lekkerbek (one large piece of fried fish) was just recently introduced on 22 February. I got the Fish & Chips with kibbeling for €5.95 (with a lekkerbek, it is €6.95). For that price, you get a large box filled with thickly cut fries, many pieces of fried fish, and two sauces of your choice. There are 21 different kind of fries sauces to pick from (fries sauce, vegan mayo, Vlaamse mayo, Zaanse mayo, Speciaal with curry sauce, Speciaal with ketchup, Oorlog, Curry sauce, Ketchup, MannekenPis sauce, Joppie sauce, Garlic sauce, Satay sauce, Andalouse sauce, Onion sauce, Tartar sauce, Truffle mayo, Pesto mayo, Mustard mayo, Green pepper sauce, and Samurai sauce) and three fried fish sauces (remoulade sauce, ravigotte sauce, and chili sauce to go with the fried shrimp).

Manneken Pis Friet fries shop Utrecht Centraal Station fish and chips Kibbeling vlaamse friet ravigotte sauce mayonnaise fries fried fish bites

I picked the ravigotte sauce for the fried fish and mayonnaise for the fries. The thickly cut fries were crunchy on the outside and full of potato flavor on the inside. It was really worth the relatively higher price tag. The fried fish bites were a little bit fried too long, but the crust was crunchy and the fish meat was still relatively moist. I think it is quite a good deal, as the portions are big and you get two large containers of sauce.  If you don't have a big appetite and just want to get a quick bite, you can also order the fried fish (or other fried seafood snacks) without the fries.

It was a bit confusing, but there are two different counters: one for fried seafood and fries to accompany it and one for the fries. You know if you are standing at the right place by looking at the menu at the top. You can basically only order what you see. Almost everything is pictured, so even if you are a tourist, who doesn't know Dutch, you can still manage to order something to eat. You may also like the Dutch fried snacks wall, where you can insert coins and open a small door to take out the snack you want. 

It is also nice that there is a large, covered seating area outside the fries shop. In certain tables, there are holes, large enough to place the pointed bags of fries. I wanted to sit there, but I was chased away by the giant mosquitos, which seem to roam there. Luckily, I found some empty benches near the exits of Utrecht Central station, where I could enjoy the food peacefully.

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