Lacvert Omega nutritive mask and Vitamin vital mask

While I sorted out and threw away many Korean sheet masks because they expired, I found some from Lacvert, which still looked okay. They smelled nice and the liquid didn't dry up. I remember buying them from Gmarket many years ago, but since the results didn't really impress me enough to write about them, I just put them aside. I decided to write a short "emptied" article about them, since I never empty anything on my blog and I should start making this a recurring habit.

Lacvert Omega nutritive mask and vitamin vital mask Korean sheet masks

The Lacvert Omega nutritive mask has a feminine scent and out of the four kinds of sheet masks, I think this one is the most moisturizing and softening. The Vitamin vital mask however made my sensitive skin react in a bad way. I think it is the vitamin C, as I have that often with skincare products that contain this ingredient. The scent was also not as refreshing and fruity as what I expected from looking at the bright oranges on the packaging. If my memory serves me well, the Lacvert White tea white masks (not pictured, but from the same set) were quite good at calming my skin. I think it is the anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties of tea that helps. That's why I like to use skincare products with tea in them.

More detailed information can be found in my first review of one of these sheet masks from Lacvert.

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