Normal store in Utrecht purchases #2

This is my second time buying something at the Normal store in the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall, as the previous time, I bought two bottles of vitamin water. I mentioned before that I went shopping in the neighborhood of the Utrecht Central station, after the Clinique masterclass, and this is what I bought that day.

Normal store utrecht  naturalist lavender bath salt body-x sweet raspberry pomegranate glasses cleaner

It is nothing much, as I am trying to limit my spending lately, because I don't want to increase any more clutter in my room (I normally have a big Spring cleaning once a year, but the last one was many years ago). I really need to clean it up Marie Kondo style soon.

- Naturalis bath salt - relaxing lavender (1000 g, €3.10)
It has a subtle lavender scent, which isn't too nauseating or reminding me of the toilet. I like using products with a lavender scent, as I have trouble relaxing and falling asleep, and it really works for me.

- Body-x bath salt - Sweet pomegranate & raspberry (600 g, €2.20)
It has an amazing sweet - and a hint of sour - candy scent (a child might even accidentally take it for candy, so keep it far away from them). It almost rivals the sweet scented products from Lush that I like so much.

- Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Spray (100 ml, €2.90)
I used to buy glasses cleaner sprays at where I bought my glasses, but it is quite expensive. I think this one works good enough too. There is no perfume and it makes my glasses clean and anti-static. It does spray too much liquid at once, so I might use another dispenser, which creates a finer mist.

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