Topshop: pink bag and bracelet

A few days ago, I bought a pink bag and a rose quartz bracelet at Topshop during the sale. I am just crazy about anything pink. I think it has something to do with me getting lost in the pink, princess fantasy world as a child and refusing to get out. I still think it is okay for me to wear pink (never too old for that!). Because of the beautiful weather, I had a small photoshoot outside. I am too shy to do this, but I managed to quickly snap some pictures of myself, before I got too aware of the onlookers. I have done this once before, for a few bags that I bought, and it was quite fun. I can show people how the bags look on an actual person and I can become better at posing for pictures. I am always the only person in group pictures, who looks awkward/has her eyes closed/ is looking away from the camera/standing in a weird, unnatural way.

Topshop pink bag marble round handles rose quartz bracelet sale dress necklace

I have combined the pink bag with faux marble, round handles (€34, discounted price: €13) and the semi-precious, rose quartz bracelet from Freedom jewellery at Topshop (€10, discounted price: €2), with two older items from my closet. The pink-grey-marine blue colorblock dress with pleats was from my sixth Gmarket order (back in 2012!) and the Ruinas Primal Garden necklace was bought during my second trip to Japan in 2010.

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