Review: Uggo soda

In a recent blog post about the reopening of the Xenos store in Rotterdam, I mentioned that I bought two cans of Uggo soda. It wasn't the first time I tried drinks from that brand. Previously, I discovered the Uggo Melon cream soda and Strawberry cream soda (€0.50 per can of 250 ml) at the local Albert Heijn supermarket. The Melon cream soda has a nice melon and vanilla flavor, which reminds me of the melon cream soda drinks that I loved in Japan. It is my favorite flavor out of all the Uggo soda that I tried. The strawberry cream soda wasn't as special, just a normal strawberry flavored soda. Not bad though.

Uggo melon cream soda strawberry drinks can

I found the Uggo blueberry raspberry at a Jumbo supermarket (€0.58 per can of 250 ml). It is a little bit more expensive, but I mainly tasted the blueberry. I also tried the Uggo mojito flavored soda (non-alcoholic; not pictured; €0.59 per can of 250 ml) from the Albert Heijn supermarket. The lemon and mint flavors were well balanced and it wasn't too sweet.

Uggo bubblegum soda banana cream drinks can

The Uggo bubblegum flavored soda wasn't as nauseatingly sweet as I imagined. The slight bitterness from the soda water counterbalanced it a bit. I am impressed how well they recreated the gum flavor, as the faint aftertaste left behind in my mouth feels like I just chewed some pink bubblegum.

The Uggo banana cream soda has a light, not too sweet banana flavor and an aftertaste that is like a faint banana foam candies flavor.

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