Christmas 2019

This is a belated Christmas blog post. I wanted to post this sooner, but I went on a short trip to Düsseldorf, Germany, again during the Christmas holidays. I discovered that the best way to get myself out of a rut is changing the scenery so that I can see things in perspective. Of course, it is also a lot of fun to enjoy good food and to do some shopping. They don't call it retail therapy for nothing. You don't even need to get out of town for it, even exploing undiscovered places in your neighbourhood can have this effect. Besides feeling refreshed by going to other places, I have also made efforts into making my home more cosy.

Søstrene grene star light string HEMA Christmas tree primark silver Christmas ball

For Christmas, I bought a few home decorations at Søstrene grene. If you are a longtime follower, you might remember the small, white, and wooden Christmas tree from HEMA that I take out every year. It was quite difficult to find miniature Christmas tree decorations, but I made it work with small Christmas balls that are originally drinks tags (a ring to attach to the foot of a wine or champagne glass to keep track whose drink it is), small silver Christmas balls from Primark, and a lightchain from Flying Tiger. However the multicolor, metal balls on the lightchain were too heavy and it didn't look that pretty. I also tried other lightchains, but often, the wire would be too long and hiding the excess was difficult with such a small tree. I happened to stumble upon LED lightstrings at the Søstrene grene store that are perfect for this. There are many different variations, but I bought one with a gold string and star shaped lights (€4.90) and another one with a rosegold string and small hidden into the string lights (€2.64). The string is made of metal, so you can bend it to whatever shape you want and it holds that shape. The lights are also really pretty. I have used them for the Christmas tree and to light up the wintervillage houses that I got as gifts with purchase at the Albert Heijn supermarket.   

Søstrene grene decorative string lights star gold rose gold LED warm white light

Søstrene grene light string star gold rose gold Albert Heijn winter village

This is how I hid the battery pack: I used a thick hair tie to hold it at the back. 

Søstrene grene star light string how I hid the battery pack

The crystal name card holders (€3.72 each) look extra sparkly surrounded by Christmas lights and candles. I used them to hold Christmas cards, but they will also be useful for my birthday, which is coming soon, and also to hold my red packets during Chinese New Year, which will hopefully look like a peacock spreading its feathers :).

Søstrene grene name card holders crystal

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