Flying Tiger €1 sale items

At the Flying Tiger store in Rotterdam, city center, I discovered that they have a large area with €1 sale items now. It isn't as amazing as the everything in store for €1 sale that I was lucky to be able to attend previously, but it is a lot of fun to hunt for treasures. As a long time Flying Tiger fan, I recognized many items from older collections that were discontinued. Regretfully, I was not able to find the light pink bullet journal that I promised to look out for on behalf of a reader of mine, even though I did find the space themed mini eraser sets from the same collection. Below, you can see the three items that I really liked and bought from the €1 sale bins.

Flying Tiger bright pink travel toiletry bag, €1

The first one is this bright pink toiletry bag. It has a small, black plastic hook that can be hung on the bathroom door handle. That way, you don't have to worry about the lack of space on the sink in the hotel bathroom. In the transparent pocket on top, you can store wet items like toothbrushes and razors. In the small pockets, you can put hairpins and hair ties. I especially like the large compartment on the bottom, as it has a zippered pocket on the outside, a pocket on the backside, two pockets in the inside, and two fabric rings to hold two bottles in place. You could store shampoo and shower gels in there, as well as underwear that you want to avoid getting wet from the shower. On the front, it says "Just leave me hanging, I'm made for it".

Flying tiger pink toiletry bag hanging compartments pockets

Flying tiger toiletry bag hanging travel anti-slip yoga gloves pink

Flying Tiger anti-slip yoga gloves, €1

When I saw these, I initially planned to wear them during work-outs and when I play Ring fit adventure on the Nintendo Switch. But I have also worn these outdoors as normal gloves and they kept my hands quite warm. I like that I can still use the touchscreen on my mobile phone, since the gloves are fingerless, and the anti-slip dots make sure that I won't drop my mobile phone as easily. I also really like the pastel colors, while the purple, blue, and green versions of this aren't as interesting.

Flying Tiger 0.5 mm felt pens, €1

Since I am bullet journaling, I keep using it as an excuse to buy more stationery. I think €1 for a set of 12 felt pens is a bargain. The variety of colors is quite nice. It writes quite smooth (no scratching sounds) too, just not as comfortable as my stabilo fineliners.

Flying tiger 0.5 mm felt tip pens stationery colors 12

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