Easter 2020

This year, Easter is very different from previous years. We used to never celebrate it during my childhood, but in recent years, I started the tradition of getting a lot of delicious cakes, bread, cookies, chocolates, juices, and pastries to enjoy during brunch at home. Because of the coronavirus, we have kept our supermarket purchases to the main necessities, so we barely have anything festive at home. That's why I made some lemon cupcakes myself. I also stored some recipes that I will try out tomorrow.

I normally also review a bunch of chocolate eggs, but I only have two bags of HEMA chocolate eggs at home, which I bought before the lockdown. I got the white chocolate matcha lime and milk chocolate strawberry crisp. They are lovely presented on the Søstrene grene flower and leaf plates.

The white chocolate matcha lime chocolate eggs has tiny rice crispies inside (although it didn't explicitly have it in its name) and a barely noticeable matcha flavor, but the soft lime flavor makes the sweet white chocolate less nauseating sweet and it leaves you with a clean aftertaste.

The milk chocolate strawberry crisp has a strawberry filling with rice crispies. The milk chocolate and strawberry flavors blend well together. It tastes similar to strawberry filling bonbons that I like so much.

HEMA chocolate eggs white lime matcha milk strawberry crisp sostrene grene plates leaf flower pink green

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