RIP Hana Kimura

On the news, I heard about the death of the 22-year old female wrestler, Hana Kimura. I don't know her and I haven't seen the reality show on Netflix that she starred in, but it was sad to see such a young person go. Days before her death, she talked about the hundred of hate "well meant advice" messages that she received every day. She also posted pictures of self mutilation, which was like a last call for help. This news has made more people think about the effects of cyberbullying and what the possibilities are for making people take responsibility for their actions. I understand that there are people, who are having a hard time and a tough life. Who are angry and in need of a place to vent their anger on. It is human to sense what people can be targeted without consequences and who not to mess with (that's how I, the odd one out, always got picked on). It is like after the first one throws the rock and the rest of the dumb, not able to think for themselves, people will follow. Just like with sexual abuse, you don't see any visible wounds, so most people convince themselves that no harm was done.

People say things like: "They were only words.", "It is part of their job as celebrities.", "Being bullied is a unavoidable part of life that everyone goes through", "I lived through it too.", "It was not that bad.". When they know nothing. They don't know what kind of past they had. They don't know anything about their life, besides the superficial, thin layer on the outside of looking pretty, having a lot of money and fame, and many friends. They don't know how lonely they feel and how they yearn to be loved and cared for on a deeper level (which nobody has the time for in this society of always being busy). Just like a normal human being. With me, I was dehumanized by telling me that I was creepy, a lowly and imperfect being, and beneath them, which they can abuse and take advantage of without feeling guilty (the quote from the Korean TV series, Itaewon class, comes to mind: "You don't feel guilty, after killing and eating chicken and pigs."). But the celebrities are dehumanized by worshipping them like gods. Making them be perfect role models and people, who cannot have any flaws, otherwise, they will be dropped in an instant and the affection that was once theirs will be moved onto the next upcoming star. It is really stressful to be someone you are not and to keep a perfect, squeaky clean image. You can never drop your guard, everything you say and do can be used against you, and nobody can be trusted (as in: a source close to the celebrity said this and that or provided these pictures). The chronic stress can wear you down. I know that very well, because I lived through it. You really need to be strong enough to say no. To not care about being disliked. To go against your kind and caring nature and be selfish. Take care of yourself first. Find healthy ways to de-stress that work for you. Only a happy and healthy person can truly bring happiness to others. 

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