Parfois summer sale purchases

Before the summer and the lockdown, I have bought a lot of summer and travel items in the sale from the Parfois online shop. I planned to wear them during a short getaway in the summer, but those plans were cancelled and I had a staycation at home in the last two weeks. It wasn't that bad, as I had a lot of time on my hands to finally learn how to make the food that I loved so much from my trips abroad. For example, I bought Spanish food from the Lidl supermarket and I made seafood fideuá with the last bit of leftovers of my food souvenirs from Barcelona (my way to hold on to the good feelings from my time there). So, I just wore these summer clothes, while I enjoyed the delicious food from my fond memories in countries far away, comfortably in my own living room. 

parfois white panther print shirt dress

Parfois white panther print shirt dress (€12.99)

Parfois forest green shirt dress

Parfois forest green shirt dress with belt (€12.99)

Parfois pink white striped dress summer strappy

Parfois pink-white striped long dress (€12.99)

Parfois army greem summer dress strappy

Parfois army green strappy dress (€12.99)

Parfois pink scarf transparent gold thread

Parfois pink scarf with gold metallic thread (€5.99)

Parfois checkered blazer and pink t-shirt

Parfois blazer (€22.99) and pink ribbed t-shirt (€9.99)

Parfois pink box shape bag crossbody

Parfois pink box shaped bag with two compartments (€17.99)

Parfois faux leather black bag

Parfois black bag with zippers on the sides (€12.99)

Parfois faux leather black bag unzippered widened

Parfois star pattern black backpack suitcase

Parfois nylon backpack with star print (€22.99)

Parfois black star pattern backpack pockets

Of all the sale purchases, I liked the bags the most, as they aren't that expensive that I need to be extra careful with them and I really like the compartments in the pink bag and the backpack. The black bag is very versatile, as I can basically wear it with almost anything, wear it with the short or the long straps, and it can expand too, if the situation calls for it. The nylon backpack may look a bit small in the picture, but I was able to fit everything I bought (except for the pink and black bag). I didn't plan this, but it happened to be the perfect holiday wardrobe, as there are enough dresses to look different every day and if it is a bit chilly at night, I can wrap the scarf around me or wear the blazer. The wide pink t-shirt can be worn under or over the strappy summer dresses. You can slide the backpack over the handles of a suitcase, which is really convenient. 


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