Review: Berliner with mango passion fruit filling from the Lidl supermarket

At the Lidl supermarket, I discovered a box of Berliner (German donuts without a hole in the middle) at the bread isle. I thought that these were freshly made like the other bread and pastry in the vicinity, but when I was home, I found out that they are defrosted. Unopened, they can be eaten until the expiration date on the packaging, but after opening, they should be eaten immediately. You have to invite enough people, because eating 6 of them at once is going to be difficult, if you are all by yourself. 

Lidl supermarket Berliner mango passion fruit jam filling 6 in a box

The yellow powdered sugar decoration on top did not taste how I expected to be, but I think it is because of the moist from the defrosting. The Berliner were also a bit dry and not as soft as freshly made donuts. The mango passion fruit jam filling was really nice, as it has a good balance between sour and sweet (I wish they could sell it in a jar). However, the one I tried had the jam part near the side, not centered. I had the cut the Berliner in half horizontally and spread out the jam myself, so that I could taste it in every bite. That also helps making it taste less dry. 

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