Isaac toast - famous street toast chain in Seoul, Korea

During my short trip to Seoul, I really wanted to see what the hype is all about of Isaac toast. Close to my hotel, I found an Isaac toast open street shop and there wasn't a long waiting line. I ordered the shrimp mvp toast, while the others got the bulgogi mvp toast for breakfast. I didn't think mine was that tasty, as the shrimp patty was rather bland and not that exciting. However, the others thought that their bulgogi mvp toast tasted good. The large toast with thick slices of white bread, chicken or shrimp patty, ham, cheddar cheese, corn omelet, hash brown, shredded cabbage, chili sauce, mustard sauce, and bulgogi sauce, was quite nice to have for breakfast, as it was warm and filling. The price was reasonable too. I still don't get the long waiting lines of tourists that I keep seeing everywhere in Seoul, but maybe, the quality differs depending on the branch and I did wait a bit before I ate it, so it might not taste as good, after getting cold. It is a pity I didn't get to try their drinks. Their top 3 drinks are: strawberry juice, kiwi juice, and apple mango juice. It sounds quite good. 

Underneath, you can see a short clip of how they made our toast.

This is the menu that they had at the Isaac toast shop that I went to.

Isaac toast Seoul Korea choices menu

Isaac toast lunch deals drinks menu

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