Review: Magnum Pink Raspberry and Black Espresso

During the winter, I tried out two new flavors of the Magnum chocolate ice cream bars: Pink Raspberry and Black Espresso.

Let me start with the Magnum Pink Raspberry.

Magnum pink raspberry box and packaging

The Magnum Pink Raspberry has a very pretty pink metallic finish, which is a much prettier version of the silver Magnum Marc de Champagne. I think it would be amazing if they made it into a nail polish.

Magnum pink raspberry chocolate ice cream bar

Magnum pink raspberry chocolate ice cream bar bitten

Inside, there is a thick layer of creamy raspberry ice cream and some raspberry swirls. I really like the combination of the crispy, bitter, dark chocolate and the not too sour or too sweet raspberry ice cream. I don't know how they did it, but they actually made the fruity raspberry flavor taste stronger than the dark chocolate. It makes me feel like I have eaten a bowl of raspberry ice cream with raspberry sauce and some chunky and crispy dark chocolate flakes in them (but without the hassle of washing the bowl afterwards).  

Magnum pink raspberry chocolate ice cream bar inside

The Magnum Black Espresso is a tough contender too, because I really like the scent of coffee (how I wish to wake up each morning by smelling it) and I enjoy having cappuccinos, ice coffees, and other sweet and creamy coffee drinks.

Magnum Black Espresso box and packaging

Magnum black espresso chocolate ice cream bar

The Magnum Black Espresso has dark chocolate exterior without anything special, except for the M stamp. I don't really recall if the Magnum Pink Raspberry had the same stamp too, as it could also be on the other side, while I photographed and ate it, and I just didn't notice it.

Inside the Magnum Black Espresso, there are many rich espresso swirls and on the sides there seem to be a thin layer of espresso ice cream (light brown ice cream). I really like it as it tastes like sweet and creamy coffee, but if you are looking for a bitter shot of espresso kind of taste, you might get disappointed when you find out that it isn't that bitter.

Magnum black espresso chocolate ice cream bar inside

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