H&M luggage tag used as public transport card holder

During a sale at the H&M store, I found this really pretty pink luggage tag for only €2 (original price: €5.99). I like the color and the cute, gold airplane charm. It matches really well with my beige bow bag from an earth music & ecology fukubukuro.

H&M luggage tag used as public transport card holder pink beige bow bag

For public transport, I used to take the card out, but I once dropped it near the doors and in an automatic reflex to pick it back up, the doors hit my head, when it opened. I am seriously so clumsy, I don't even know how I managed to keep myself alive for all this time. Afterwards, I got myself a wallet with a special compartment on the outside for a card (It can also be used for company entry cards at work). It was better, but still too much hassle to dig inside my bag to find my wallet every time. That's why I DIY'ed a card case attached to a metal chain. This was a better solution, but the card case started to fray and the long chain keeps getting tangled. I even thought about creating a cord that can be pulled out, but I found out that a simple luggage tag does the job too. The OV chip card is a bit too long for the luggage tag to close properly, but the thickness of the card makes it fit snugly inside and it never fell out during use.

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