Budget tip: warm meal for €2.50 at the HEMA

on Monday, February 01, 2016
Today, I am sharing a money saving tip for students during the last days of the month, people that spend too much during the Christmas holidays, or tourists on a tight budget. At the HEMA department store restaurant in the Beursstraverse, city center of Rotterdam, I saw that you can get a warm meal for just €2.50. You can choose from a plate of pasta bolognese, a plate of stamppot (Dutch style mashed potatoes with a Dutch version of sauerkraut or endive mixed in it) with a large meat ball or half a Dutch sausage called "rookworst", and a plate with three grilled chicken wings and fries. For such a low price, you get a very filling meal.

Budget tip: warm meal for €2.50 at the HEMA - three chicken wings and fries

Birthday freebies

on Saturday, January 30, 2016
Two weeks ago, it was my birthday (I know, I am pretty late with writing about it) and many companies try to do something special for their valuable customers on that day. Although I received a truckload of discount coupons and the possibility to earn extra points from my favorite brands, I am currently on a spending ban again (You will get to know why pretty soon) and I did my best to not spend so much money.

Keep reading to see the three things that I got for free on my birthday.

Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazine Netherlands January 2016 issues

Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam

on Monday, January 18, 2016
Since Bagels and Beans opened on Schouwburgplein 80, Rotterdam, I have wanted to visit it and not too long ago, I finally had the time to try out their bagels. It is quite difficult to find a decent bagel here in the Netherlands, but here, you can get a large variety of freshly baked bagels with sweet or savory ingredients in between.  

I started with a large glass of matcha latte soy milk (€2.95). I was surprised to see that they had this, as green tea drinks are rare in cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands, while it is very popular in Asian countries.  

Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam: matcha latte soja melk