Recipe: Hong Kong dried bean curd dessert soup (腐竹糖水) + instruction video

on Friday, August 26, 2016
I sometimes miss the sweet dessert soup shops in Hong Kong, as I am living in the Netherlands, where they don't have a midnight snack culture - unless you count the greasy fried food after a long night out. This summer, my mom has often made this sweet dessert soup for me. In the video underneath, I will teach you how to make this traditional Hong Kong style dried bean curd dessert soup.

Bean curd is made of soy beans and it has a fragrant flavor. If you like soy milk (not the Western kind, but the Hong Kong kind, such as Vitasoy), you would like this too. The dried barley and dried bean curd sticks are chewy, the dried bean curd sheets are soft and melt-in-your-mouth, and the olive shaped Ginkgo nuts have a creamy bean texture and a soy bean flavor.  

Jamie's Italian Markthal pasta sampling

on Thursday, August 25, 2016
Over the summer, I have visited the Markthal in Rotterdam very often and I kept ending up at the Jamie's Italian. From my reviews and pictures, I got everyone around me excited about trying this restaurant and I got to come along with them (lucky me!).

One day, I went to the Jamie's Italian in a group of three on a Friday afternoon. It was during busy lunch time, but we got a pager, which would beep when the table is ready. The waitress told us that the waiting time is about half an hour, but we needed to wait for another person anyway and when he arrived, we were immediately able to get seated. 

Jamie's Italian Markthal Berry Blast Ginger & Mango mojito non-alcoholic cocktails

Nail design inspiration: Pantone Rose Quartz & Serenity

on Tuesday, August 23, 2016
In 2016, the Pantone color of the year is for the first time two blended colors: Rose Quartz (a soft pink) and Serenity (a calming light blue). I think the colors look amazing together and it inspired me to create this nail design. I had done something similar years ago (here), but my photographing skills were very bad (it doesn't do the two beautiful nail polishes justice), so I am doing this again but even better and more stunning like what I did with the Canmake nail polish no. 28

nail design inspiration Pantone Rose Quartz Serenity