Review: LUSH Angel's Delight soap

Last winter, I finally made my first LUSH Christmas purchases and I was the most curious about the Angel's Delight soap. It looked the prettiest among all the LUSH Winter 2013 soaps that I could find in the store. I happened to stumble upon a piece of soup that had all the pretty elements of the Angel's Delight soap and you don't get that often. Mostly, you would only get a piece that is mainly pink, blue, or yellow. So even if I had to pay €7.74 for just 130 g of soap (€59.50/kg!), I had to have it.

Review: LUSH Angel's Delight body soap

Marks and Spencer meal 1 - My little brother's birthday

As announced in my "Marks and Spencer Family Favorites meal deal" blog post, I will now show you what I made on my little brother's birthday. It is tradition for us to have a private family meal on each family member's birthday. Often, it falls on a weekday and we would hold another birthday party for close friends on the following Saturday. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose what we eat and most of their chores are taken off their hands, so that he or she can have a carefree and relaxing day. That's why I (the one that happened to have the most free time) had the task of making all the food that day. But this time, it was quite easy as I already bought all the food at Marks and Spencer during the shopping day in The Hague, together with my mom. The only thing I had to do was putting everything in the oven and wait for it to be ready.

Marks and Spencer Trattoria Pantofola (6 servings) 

We first started with the Marks and Spencer Trattoria Pantofola and on the packaging, it was suggested to slice it in 6 pieces, but we divided it in 4 instead. The rustic bread with a crispy crust was very delicious and I could really taste the fresh red onions. However, the provolone cheese was a bit on the mild side. I don't know if it is because I didn't have much of it on my piece or that it wasn't distributed that evenly, but I couldn't really taste much of it.

Marks and Spencer Trattoria Pantofola (6 servings)
Marks and Spencer Trattoria Pantofola

Makeup look 5: Big City Girl

This is the eye makeup look for the last NYC Expert Last lip lacquer that I have, which is the NYC Expert Last lip lacquer 400 - Big City Berry. Appropriately, I am calling this, the Big City Girl makeup look. This bright berry red lip color is just as hard to create an eye makeup look for as the NYC Expert Last lip lacquer 500 - Rockaway Ruby (at least for me). While I created a dark, brown-grey, smokey eye makeup look for the deep red lip lacquer, this time, I choose for cool, metallic khaki grey and turquoise eyeshadow colors. 

Makeup look 5: Big City Girl (used:Clio All That Styler Kit 1: Khaki Gray and Tropical Blue and NYC Expert Last lip lacquer 400 - Big City Berry