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Suicide of a young woman in Taiwan

A few days ago, I read a news article about the suicide of a young woman in Taiwan. She has published a novel (房思琪的初戀樂園) this year about a girl who was raped by her teacher and after her death, her parents had revealed that the book was about her own experiences. At first, I wanted to follow the other news outlets and call her a promising writer with a bestselling novel, but after reading her thoughts about how the media had created this false image of the perfect student - succesful in every area of her life - and the resulting harrasment and hate she got from it, I refrained from doing that. I will see her as just a young girl trying her hardest to grow intellectually - even though her life stopped when the traumatic event happened - and to bring awareness to rape culture, the struggles of a rape victim, and the stigma of mental disorder. I hope her death won't just be a drop of water disappearing in the vast ocean, but creating a ripple and resulting to permanent change. She se…

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