Gmarket order #4

Christmas is almost here and I have worked hard enough the past few months to have earned a shopping spree at Gmarket again. I have made my order on 4 December and the box was sent on 8 December. It arrived in the Netherlands on 14 December, but I did not get it until a week later, on 21 December. I heard from others that when your parcel is held back for one week, you know that you need to pay tax. :( Luckily, I only needed to pay tax over a small part of my purchases.

Gmarket purchases
The box filled with presents

Seohyun's "We got married" coat

One of the items that I was really looking forward to and was the most worried about, is the coat that I ordered. For the first time, I ordered something from a seller with only two customer reviews and not from a reliable power seller. After watching the We got married episodes with the yongseo couple, I fell in love with the coat Seohyun wore in episode 49. It was so pretty, I searched high and low for it on Gmarket.

Seohyun we got married cape coat
Screencaps I made of the Korean MBC TV show We got Married
Seohyun wool brown cape worn in We got Married

I found a coat that looked similar, but after I bought one, it immediately went "temporarily out of stock". So, I was really concerned whether or not I will get my coat. It is also hard to tell if the item is going to look just like in the pictures. In the end, I did not get disappointed. The coat does not have the exact same color like in the pictures provided by the seller or like the one Seohyun has, but it is a bit lighter and leaning to a caramel brown color. It is still a very pretty color and the fabric is really light and soft. The coat is nice and warm, and there is also a large hood in the back. The scarf part can be taken out of the attached loop, and it will look like how Seohyun is wearing it in the pictures.

Update: After wearing it for a longer time, the yellow tone in the brown has started to fade. It looks more similar to the color in the picture and in the screen caps now. 

Korean planner

As a new year is going to start soon, I needed to get a new planner. Since I was really happy with my previous diary from Cookyshop, I also bought the new 2012 version of the diary from the same seller. This time, the diary comes in a set with a pocket notebook and a small standing desk calendar. The seller gave me a pen and a correction tape roller as freebies. 

Cookyshop mini mate diary 2012
Cookyshop mini mate diary, notebook, calendar, and stickers

Besides this, I have bought a lot of Korean skincare and cosmetics products. Lately, a lot of shops are having a sale and I was able to profit from the 30% off sales at the It's skin and Holika Holika shops. 

It's skin purchases

From It's skin, I bought the famous macaron lip balm with apple scent and 4 bottles of power 10 essences. As freebies, I got three samples of the Prestige snail cream. 

It's skin purchases

Hollika Holika purchases

After seeing that there was a sale at the Holika Holika shop, I finally caved in and I bought the cute jars of creams that I was eyeing on for a long time.

I bought the Medi-Medi magnesium wash off mask, which is enriched with volcanic clay to clean the pores. I also got the Water march moisture full cream (pink jar) for dry skin, which comes with a plastic spoon, and the cute Sheep milk yoghurt wash off mask with green tea. 

Holika Holika creams, heart ful lipstick, and jewel light waterproof eyeliners

Holika Holika purchases 
Holika Holika Heart ful moisture lipstick
The Heart ful moisture lipstick in color CR301.
I also bought some cosmetics: the Holika Holika Heart ful moisture lipstick, which was a lot smaller than I thought (about half the size of a normal lipstick, but mostly, because the space in the lipstick casing is better utilized), and two Holika Holika eyeliners. Because I looked at the picture of the eyeliners located next to the order button, I bought the wrong color. I wanted the pink eyeliner, and according to the picture on the left, it is the number 7. But printed on the eyeliner itself, the number 7 is the white one. So now, I have the Holika Holika eyeliners in black and white. The pink one was supposed to be the special one, but maybe I will get it the next time if the quality is good. As you could see, the seller was really generous and gave me a lot of freebies, even though the items were on sale. I got a brush set with really soft hairs, a bag with 100 cotton tips, and 6 samples of Holika Holika products that I really wanted to try.  

Peripera eyeliners

As I wanted to buy more colors of eyeliners and try the quality of another brand, I bought two eyeliners of Peripera in purple and in beige. I also bought a Peripera cover concealer stick. The freebies that came with the eyeliners were two small bottles of Clio lip & eye remover and in the eyeliner packaging itself, there is a sharpener included. 

Peripera smoothie waterproof pencil liner and my cover concealer stick
I almost threw the paper packaging away without looking if there were more things in there, because normally, there is nothing in there besides the pencil eyeliner. The sharpener was hidden very well in the bottom of the package and since I opened it from the top to take out the pencil, I didn't see it. The sharpener was also really light in weight, so I really couldn't tell.

Peripera smoothie waterproof pencil liner purple and beige and my cover concealer stick

 Etude House purchases

Last but not least, I bought a lot of Etude House nail polishes. This time, I wanted to be more adventurous and I bought some colors that I would normally never buy. I also wanted to try the lovely nail stickers, so I bought one sheet. The two Etude House nail polish sets looked really cute, so I bought them too.

Etude House nail polishes and nail stickers
Etude House nymph aura glam nails and Wannabe Perfumed Syrup nails

Because I want to color my hair dark brown for the first time, I bought the Bubble hair dye from Etude House. It is not recommended to dye your eyebrows at home, so I bought an eyebrow mascara and a eyebrow pencil in dark brown as well.

Etude House Bubble Hair color, drawing eyebrow pencil and color my brows mascara

The Etude House AC Clinic product I bought last time worked really good, so I bought the Red spot balm to try out and it even has improved performance now. The freebie I received from Etude House is a bit disappointing, as it is just a collagen moistfull skincare kit. I would be more happy to get the tote bag they give out as gift right now.
Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm

contents of the Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm set
Contents of the red spot balm box.
Etude House Collagen Moistfull skin care kit

This is all that I have bought as Christmas gifts for myself. January is coming around and that is my birthday month, so I sense another Gmarket haul very soon... ^_^

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