New in: HEMA Pretty Lips lipgloss spf15

Recently, I have visited the HEMA store again and I discovered these HEMA Pretty Lips lipgloss spf15 at the beauty department. From appearance, they look very similar to the Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms that I have been wanting to get, except without the pretty prints. I am really curious to find out if they could be more affordable dupes.

HEMA Pretty Lips lipgloss spf15

The HEMA Pretty Lips lipgloss is a lightweight lip balm with a subtle gloss and a semi-transparent coverage. Besides moisturizing the lips, it also has a spf of 15. It has a plastic seal wrapped around it, so you can be sure that your lip gloss has not been used by someone else.

HEMA Pretty Lips lipgloss spf15 in plastic wrap

In total, there are 8 colors, but two of them had a bit too much brown in the color and the lightest shade on the top left is similar to a transparent lip balm. So I only bought 5 colors out of the 8 available. For the price of just €4.50 each, I couldn't resist. ^_^

the 5 shades of the HEMA Pretty Lips lipgloss spf15 that I bought

From left to right, these are the colors that I bought (click on the names to see the review):

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